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Injection Molding/Enclosure

MNR designs, develops, tools and manufactures enclosures for a broad range of applications. Whether it is single injection; insert injection, rotary double shot or casting/forming, MNR has the design capability and resources to produce the right enclosure solution for your application.

Single Injection: Housing is single injection, straight pull tooling. Keytops are single injection acrylic with transparent printing on rear surface. Trim Ring is Zinc/Alu casting, polished and brushed for a combined bright/textured finish.

Semi-Rugged outdoor access control, utilizes cast allow trim ring, plastic inner housing and acrylic back printed keys, this design provides a frontal IP67 sealed design with durable backlit keytops. Manufactured as a plug a play solution delivered in the box, ready for sale."

Double Injection: This product is a full assembly with 17 molded parts. The exterior housing is rotary double shot with sliders to produce the embedded text along the sides. Complex tooling for witness-less slide marks.

Hand Held laser chromatograph. MNR produces the entire mechanical package, from double shot housings to switch assemblies and component devices.

Casting - Zinc/Alu alloy casting. Rugged User Interface with backlit keys, available in double shot injection molding and cast/resin backfilled keytop designs. Housing front & back in die-cast Zinc-Alu alloy. Patented security stack to assure tamper resistance and intrusion sensing.


Metal Forming: metal forming and finishing, from single step to multi-step progressive tooling, MNR has the capacity to design, tool and fabricate your formed metal production/component.


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