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Flexible Circuits/PCBAs

Flexible Etched Circuits are the combination of stable, flexible Kapton substrates laminated with copper. Available from Single to high density multi-layer rigid-flexible circuits, Flex Circuits allow designers to create electrical interfaces that conform to non-linear shapes. Ideal for use in board to interconnects that transition across uneven surfaces, around corners and through housings.

Flex circuit for marine application, integrates tri-color led's with high temp polydomes, sealed led locations and isolation of led light from light guides to key locations. SR keypad provides key definition over sealed switch functionality.


Multi-layer, shielded flex circuit with barrel hinge for laptop display.

QWERTY keyboard flex circuit with led backlighting and metal domes. Designed for a "thumbs" keyboard on pager, this design integrates the thin robust structure of the Flex Circuit with metal domes as part of a low-profile tactile switch assembly.


Rigid Flex for docking station: 6 layer rigid flex for military rugged computer. MNR produced custom pin and nail head contacts to manage cost and expand functionality. Product provides interface between client motherboard and the external docking station/port replicators. responding to high nail-head contact count, MNR produced its own nail-heads by NC screw machine/chucker, reducing cost by 50%. custom spring pins provided contact with insertible battery packs and port replicators.

Flexible Cu circuits provide durability, higher voltage/current capacity for integrated LED & switching, thin profile. Flex/dome/support assembly with integrated backlight leds and volume keys. The support is molded, plated and EMC gasket applied for assembly to ground on PCB, creating a faraday cage for PCB components. MNR also manufactures the PTF keypad assembly.


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