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The Challenge

Update the design with an eye to improved aesthetic appeal, form, fit and function, all while retaining backward compatibility.


Develop a sketch rendering providing ideas of shape & form

Find a form

The client was tired of the old thermal formed plastic grip, poor quality cable and non-branded aesthetics. Rather than create new grip ergonomics, the task was to find an existing grip with a feel that appealed to the client, then 3-D laser scan the grip to capture the form.

3-D Model

From the scan, sketch to CAD tools transform the original dimensional form into the new stylistic form, implementing the switch locations and assembly features, creating the new cable design, new cable strain relief with added customer logo and branding. Creating a unique design specific to the clients future look and functional appeal.

3-D Rendering

The photorealistic rendering produces high-quality images that demonstrate what the finished product will look like.

Rapid Prototype

After creating the 3-D model in virtual space, a 3-D physical sample was made. As the grip is a modular system, the 3-D models demonstrate not only the ergonomics of the grip, but how the pieces fit together. The models fully replicate how the grips will feel and function in the users hand.

Using 3-D printing technology to demonstrate how the product will look, function and feel when completed.

The 3-D assemblies also allowed verification of the design, trouble shooting and identifying structural issues before the product entered the tooling process.

Samples made in hours vs days, accelerating the development and qualification process.


After Rapid Prototype part approval, the tooling process begins. Typical lead time is 50 ~ 60 days for injection tooling, first article samples and DMR reporting. MNR provides the tooling plan, mold flow, tool design for verification, first articles and Dimensional Measurement Report for part qualification. PPAP and CPK analysis are also available upon request.


After completing the design, prototyping and tooling stage. the product entered production. Here you can see the product before and after design and production.


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