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Wind-speed alarm system

Product Description:

The product is a wind-speed detection and alarm system for use in large tower aerial cranes, which alerts the operator when high wind conditions arise. The product is rated to IP65 (NEMA 4) for both moisture and dust penetration.


Technical challenge:

We needed to create a sealed, two-part plastic housing containing an optically clear custom-molded and printed lens, silicone keypad with tactile response, PCBA and case-to-case silicone compression seal. Additionally, the keypad included two molded-in lighted indicators.


How we did it:

The design overview indicated that the case seals needed to be created using molded, high compression silicone. The silicone features in both the keypad and case-to-case seal. Features were designed in the front housing interior to mount the keypad and lens to a flat, smooth surface. The tactile requirement was achieved by adhering a polyester metal dome array to the top face of the PCBA. In creating the lighted indicators, the keypad molding process used two separate colors of silicone flow molded in the same mold tool. We designed features into the front housing to allow for mounting two sealed, external cable connectors and a Gore moisture-proof barrier for the sounder vent passage.

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