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Micro QWERTY keyboard assembly

Product description:

The product is a micro QWERTY keyboard assembly with 4-layer PCBA, tactile metal dome array, silicon rubber actuator with backlit plastic keycaps and plastic keypad support frame. It features function-backlit indicator bars with light barriers and an optical touch mouse controller for use in a multi-modal rugged handheld biometric identification system device.


Technical challenge:

We were asked to create a micro keyboard assembly, 50 percent smaller than the current mini keyboard, with an edge seal designed to mate with the client housing assembly, consisting of a floating plastic face frame with plastic

backlit keycaps, tactile response and mounted to a PCBA.


How we did it:

As a loose assembly, the keycaps required liquid adhesive bonding to the top face of molded keypad actuator posts. The SR keypad actuator was designed with a wrap around lip, which encloses the edge of the controller PCBA and forms an integral part of the case edge seal. We designed small plastic barriers that fit inside the LED function indicator bars to isolate the light and eliminate cross bleed. The keypad was designed to prevent moisture penetration while allowing the mouse controller to function properly.



The product was improved for end users by scaling the size down 50 per cent while maintaining functionality.

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