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Micro-electronic Joystick Control

Product description:

The product is a pair of micro-electronic test equipment controls that uses fine calibration joysticks.


Technical challenge:

We designed the product for aesthetic appeal. The earlier design was boxy, bulky and unappealing. Our design improves user ergonomics, is comfortable for all-day use and reduces the cost from the original design.


How we did it:

Through working with the client, we converted the earlier, metal box design into a wedge-shaped plastic enclosure. The new design uses soft-touch silicon rubber keypads and wrist supports, along with custom overmolded cables with polarized connectors set at 45° angle cable exits. By integrating the control electronics with high-sensitivity joystick controls, we created an accurate, relaxed and comfortable user interface.



The product is efficient, consistent and well-received by end users.

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