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Keypad Products

MNR Technology has specialized in manufacture of silicone rubber products since the mid-1980s. Today, we offer the most extensive range of keypad products and technologies available. MNR Technology keypads are extensively used in a broad range of applications and products, including mobile communications, keyless entry devices, automotive, industrial controls, laboratory equipment and marine applications. MNR Technology's research and development team are continually developing new technology ideas to meet our customer’s expanding needs.


Silicone Rubber (SR) Keypads offer superior durability, ergonomics and economy.


MNR Technology Plastic & Rubber (P+R) Keypads provide a more distinctive look and feel for demanding backlight and non-backlight applications.


Plastic Thin Film (PTF) Keypad combines the highest quality keypad technology with the thinnest construction in the industry today.


* : US, EU and Asian patents awarded

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