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IP67 Digital Radio

Product description:

The product is a digital radio capable of sustaining rugged, all-weather conditions to be used by fire, police, local, state and federal agencies.


Technical challenge:

A major product development agency in the UK came to MNR Technology to develop a fully submersible, IP67 rated handset. Our task was to seal the unit through the most vulnerable apertures, the keypad, push-to-talk (PTT) switch assembly and DB13/M5 connector, while working within the product’s dimensional constraints. No screws were permitted, and the speaker grills were to be completely functional and without sound output constraints.


How we did it:

With the industrial designer, we defined space availability for the three main components: PTT, keypad and M5 assemblies. We then analyzed the material to define the thinnest material cross-section for each component. This kept the sealing of items such as LEDs, circuit contacts, housing access points, component interconnectivity, and speaker access/sound flow in mind. Additionally, we determined minimum adhesive boundary criteria to obtain IP67. We designed the components within the space constraints determined by the industrial designer.



The design was prototyped and fully qualified to IP67 on its first round of samples.

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